The international Kazakh-French scientific conference "French Cultural and Humanitarian Heritage in the Work of Central Asian Researchers" was held on March 1st and 2nd, 2018 at the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute. Specialists in the field of humanitarian disciplines from Kazakhstan, France, Tajikistan and Russia took part in the conference, presenting the reports to the listeners, dedicated to the actual problems of our time.

The international Kazakh-French scientific conference "French Cultural and Humanitarian Heritage in the Work of Central Asian Researchers" at the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute was organized under the patronage of the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan and the University Agency of Francophonie (AUF), which provided grant support for inviting foreign francophone participants.

The conference began with a speech by the Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and International Cooperation of the KazNPU named after Abay, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Kulsarieva AT. In her speech, she noted that the International Conference "French Cultural and Humanitarian Heritage in the Work of Central Asian Researchers" is being organized as part of the celebration of two significant dates. First, the current year is an anniversary year for the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay. Throughout 2018, significant scientific and cultural events will be dedicated to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of our university, which is the oldest in Kazakhstan. In this connection, the fact that the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute hosts a conference aimed at summarizing and analyzing the prospects for scientific cooperation between Kazakhstan and France in the field of humanitarian disciplines is symbolic.

The second significant event is the celebration of "Francophone Spring", which will continue throughout March. "Francophone Spring" unites a number of events dedicated to the Francophonie throughout the world. In this respect, the holding of an international Kazakh-French scientific conference is a significant event that underlines the direction of the relationship between our countries.

Vice-rector Kulsariev AT shared her personal scientific experience of studying French philosophy, as well as considerations about the influence of French humanitarian thought in general on the development of science in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The honorary guest of the conference, the expert on the history of Central Asia, the honorary professor and chevalier of the French Order "Academic palm branch", the laureate of the "For Peace" award of the Republic of Kazakhstan Albert Fischler (France) delivered an introductory report on the history of mutual influence of the Kazakh and French humanities during the centuries-old history of relations between our countries. Noting that many years of work and friendship bind him with Kazakhstan, with particular warmth about the Kazakh people and its hospitality, in his speech Professor Fischler mentioned such names of scientists and cultural figures of both countries as André Malraux, Olzhas Suleimenov, Guillaume de Rubruk, Fernand Anzhenya, Catherine Poujol, Olivier Ferrando and others.

Dr. Olivier Ferrando (France), Doctor of Political Science and Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for Political Studies, presented the report "Challenges of Cultural Diversity in Creating Educational Programs in Kazakhstan and Central Asia".

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Sokiboy Sultonov (Tajikistan) acquainted listeners with the state of studying the philosophy of Islam in Tajikistan and France, especially with the situation that has developed around the work of the French expert on Islamic philosophy, Henri Corbin.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science Laura Erekesheva presented the report "Ethics and morals in sociology Durkheim and the concept of dialogue: social and individual dimensions."

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University named after Suleiman Demirel Azamat Akbarov introduced the participants to the analysis of the metaphorical conceptualization of the concept of the heart in modern languages.

The organizer of the conference "French Cultural and Humanitarian Heritage in the Work of Central Asian Researchers", the author of the project of the conference Turarbekova Laura voiced a report on "The Problem of Time in the Francophonie" by Alexander Sokurov.

The doctoral candidate of RAS, specializing in Anthropology, writer, journalist Nestor Pilyavsky, conducted an anthropological analysis of the concept of "Ainalaiyn" in Kyrgyz culture.

The reports of other participants, among them the doctoral students, undergraduates of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute and the Institute of History and Law of the KazNPU named after Abay and the University Suleiman Demirel, were devoted to the urgent problems of translation (Akbota Abiyr), the history of Kazakhstan (Igor Krupko), the problem of religious radicalization (Katira Karymsakova ), the activity of the "Tamyr" magazine (Ayman Kodar, Anna Ivanova) and the tendencies of gender policy in the context of the feminist theory of Simone de Beauvoir (Meruert Kairbekova).

Each report culminated in a lively discussion between conference participants and listeners. The participants noted the special format of the international conference, characteristic of scientific events organized in the universities of France.

The international conference "French Cultural and Humanitarian Heritage in the Work of Central Asian Researchers" ended with a poetic evening at which poems by young poets of Kazakhstan and Russia were heard in Kazakh, Russian, and French.